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Tips for Cat Proofing the Christmas Tree - News on the tree and cords to keep curious cats away from risky areas. Brought to you by Petcentric, a Purina brand. How can the answer be improved? Keeping a cat away from a Christmas tree will require a mix of ingenuity, repellents and training.

In the end, though, keep in mind that your cat might not be so agreeable to the idea of a do-not-touch Christmas tree. Scaring your cat away from the tree is not a good solution, though. Idon't like cat-control products that emit a shock or high-pitched noise for pets who step across boundaries, in part because cats generally react poorly to that kind of management.

Cats seem to be drawn to Christmas Keep cats away from christmas tree, whether to play with the dangling ornaments or to climb up in the branches, they can be persistent. This is a guide about keeping cats out of the Christmas tree. Home > Family and Home > How to Keep Your Cat Away From the Christmas Tree. Even a few paper bag tunnels with safe toys inside may interest your cat enough to stay away from the tree. Since cats love to climb, make sure your Christmas tree isn’t the only climbing option in the house.

If you don’t already have a sturdy cat tree, I would. And if possible, keep the lowest branches of the tree free from all ornaments and potential temptations. Skip the tinsel this year as cats will be far too tempted to eat it when it inevitably hits.

I wanted to mention that beside the obvious dangers of knocking over a Christmas tree, there are other reasons to keep your cat away from it: -Tree needles can. Some cats require extra precautions to keep them safe—and you and your family sane—when it comes to Christmas trees. Separate the tempted from the temptation: Keep the tree in a room you can close with a door, or put the tree behind a child gate or in a child play area to keep your cat away entirely.

As beautiful as a fully-decorated Christmas tree is, it's a concentrated collection of dangers for cats—and what's worse, it is often very attractive to the family feline. This article presents a number of ways to keep kitty safe from the tree, and vice versa.

Cats have sensitive hearing and you can use that sensitivity to teach your cat to stay away from the tree. Clapping: As your cat attempts to climb the Christmas tree, clap once, loudly and clearly. The sound should be loud enough to startle the cat and cause it to jump out of the tree. After last year’s experience—where you lost several of your favorite ornaments and possibly found your tree toppled on the ground—you are perhaps currently wondering how to keep cats away from your Christmas tree this year.

Nov 25, 2015. I've seen people attempt to keep their cats away from the Christmas tree by creating an aluminum foil moat or encircling it in a folding dog. Keeping your curious cat out of the Christmas tree is a wise idea for. Tinsel is potentially hazardous for cats who tend to chew and swallow things they find.

Dec 12, 2008. Cats love trees. How to: Cat-Proof your Christmas Tree. other tips that have worked for you to keep your furry friends away from the tree? Nov 7, 2017. Here are a few things to keep in mind when placing a Christmas tree in a home with cats: How to keep your cat from chewing on pieces of the.

It can be challenging keeping your cat out of restricted areas of the house. Here are a few suggestions avoiding Christmas tree accidents. Dec 1, 2009. A Christmas tree can be very intriguing to a cat. Before. Here's my secret to keeping the cats completely away from Christmas tree and other. Dec 17, 2012.

Everyone in the family loves the Christmas tree — including your cat. Work to burn off your cat's excess energy away from the tree, such as in. How to Cat Proof Your Christmas Tree. in order to keep the cats away from the tree. Obviously, this isn't always possible; but if it is an option, make.

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